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Getting well equipped to go camping

The key to a successful camping trip is proper equipment. So, what to bring? The essentials: a tent, a sleeping bag, a ground sheet, a tarpaulin, a flashlight or headlamp, a knife, a first aid kit. You can also think of other accessories that are just as useful, but it will depend on your camping style, from ultralight to ultra-equipped. Don’t forget that everything you take with you will need to be carried, transported and brought back. This is especially true for kitchen accessories, which can be bulky (gas stove, frying pans, pots, coolers, dishes, etc.), but essential for cooking. Sleeping in a tent means making compromises: eating cold or hot, favouring one accessory over another.


Best destinations

Some countries, cities or monuments are worth seeing and visiting. There are many things to discover, from beautiful landscapes to lands steeped in history.