Sometimes you may want to go on a long car journey. To ensure a good trip, it is therefore important to do some checks. These checks will ensure a successful trip. So what checks should you do before a road trip? Here’s an article to get you up to speed.

Key car parts to check

It is crucial to check the condition of your car before you plan a long trip. First of all, check your brakes. You need to make sure that the brake oil level is between maximum and minimum to give you good braking. If the oil level is too low, you may have a leak or worn brake pads. So go to a garage to correct this.

The second thing to check is the condition of your tyres. You need to make sure they are properly inflated, check for wear and remember to check the spare. So you have five wheels to check. Don’t forget this. It’s the key to a successful family car trip. Pay attention to the load of your car too. A car that is overloaded can have a bad impact on the tyres and cause accidents. So don’t exceed the total weight allowed for your car.

The oil level should also be checked before you start your tour. A good oil level ensures that the engine runs smoothly and is cooled. Be on fairly flat ground and wait for the engine to cool down before checking it. If the level is close to the minimum, add oil to the maximum.

Other things to consider

Don’t hesitate to check the condition of your battery before you set off, because a faulty battery means a poor power supply throughout the car. The life of the battery depends on how much you use your car. However, it is recommended that you change it every 4 years. So remember to have it serviced or changed to avoid the risk of an accident.

After all these steps, remember to check the safety features. In particular, think about a safety waistcoat and the car’s warning triangles. To ensure a safe journey, fill up the tank and check the weather. You should also make sure that all passengers have seatbelts.